Roxie’s story


Roxie - Credit: Archant

Roxie’s story:

I am 27 years old and have two young children. I was a victim of abuse nearly 10 years ago and, in the time I have spent away from the abuse, I have had to run, hide and beg the courts for protection, not even for myself but for my innocent little boy.

I will live in fear and hold my children back each day that passes, while ‘he’ is walking free. And free he will always be to continue this abuse, as he has done to many other women – and affecting other children – and still is to this very day.

So I will have to spend my life waiting for the next time, because nothing can or will be done until it’s too late. Something in the law needs to change. Children and victims need to be protected properly, and there need to be serious consequences for the perpetrators.