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SIR – I was really surprised at Mrs Lewin s view (as reported in this week s Comet) of Mid Beds Council s action to make sure that the recycling scheme works properly. I have never thought of putting non recyclables in the green bin, and find the alternat

SIR - I was really surprised at Mrs Lewin's view (as reported in this week's Comet) of Mid Beds Council's action to make sure that the recycling scheme works properly. I have never thought of putting non recyclables in the green bin, and find the alternate week collections adequate for our family of four.

Mrs Lewin is keen to criticise the council but does not suggest any alternative way to stop the scheme being disrupted by thoughtless people. We all have to face up to the fact that we live in an over-packaged world, we must be prepared to make a bit more of an effort to deal with the waste that convenient supermarket shopping brings. A first step would be to consciously buy brands with less packaging, buy loose goods wherever possible, and move away from convenience foods.

But for the packaging we are left with, it really does not take much effort to put a box or a bucket in the kitchen to collect the recycling. If you wash out the tins and bottles they do not smell. The box can be emptied and refilled. Why do we need a bin liner to package our rubbish? A bin liner is just another convenience item, often of non biodegradable plastic, for those who do not want to wash their bin out.

Instead of criticising the Mid Beds scheme we should be embracing it and pushing it further, particularly to include more grades of plastic. Recycling must become part of everyday life otherwise our countryside is going to turn into one big rubbish tip. We sometimes have to be pushed to come out of our comfort zone - some people need more of a push than others.

I am sure Mrs Lewin would be complaining much more if Mid Beds wanted to open more landfill sites close to her home.

Mrs J Clarke

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I write in response to the letter entitled "Farce over recycle bin" in The Comet of February 2.

We in Stotfold have a reliable and efficient collection of waste each week.

The recyclable waste consists of newspaper, card, plastic bottles and tins. None of this is unpleasant or hazardous to handle, therefore I cannot understand the problem with either, putting it in by hand and emptying the kitchen container straight into the green lidded bin or orange sack.

The council have offered larger bins to families who require them and there are bottle, tin, plastic bottle, clothing, newspaper, shoe and book banks available, which can be used if there is an occasional excess, i.e. at Christmas. There is no need for anyone to have rubbish blowing from their bins.

We surely should all take responsibility for the correct disposal of the waste we generate. The use of landfill is expensive and our council tax will be increased accordingly. Landfill also harms the environment for future generations.

SUSAN HOWE, Hitchin Road, Stotfold