Raising money for a Swedish adventure

A helping hand has been given to scouts going to the world jamboree.

TWO scouts from Baldock who have been chosen to attend the 22nd World Scout Jamboree in Sweden next year have been given a helping hand to get there.

As part of their selection, Adam Lunnon and George Budd have to raise �2,075 each which includes the cost of special uniforms, training sessions and travel.

By the lads finding the money to pay for themselves, the youth movement is more able to help less fortunate scouts to attend the jamboree.

Adam and George’s own scout groups will assist them financially but the onus on raising the money is with them, and they have been busy doing just that.

Baldock Rotary Club invited them to lunch where they gave a short presentation about World Scout Jamborees which was appreciated by the members of the club.

President John Wright said that Rotary clubs should be aware of the needs of the local community, as well as nationally and internationally, and that Baldock Rotary Club was pleased to be able to assist Adam and George in their challenge, and presented each of them with a cheque for �500.

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The lads thanked the club and promised to return after their trip to share their experiences with the members.