Positive report for Stevenage town centre

TWO-THIRDS of people questioned have given the thumbs-up to a town centre.

The annual shopper survey was undertaken in Stevenage in March and featured as a full-page questionnaire in The Comet.

Participants were asked to give their views and opinions on a number of different areas, including the appearance of the centre, the range and mix of shops and places to eat and drink, car parking and safety and security.

A total of 432 people completed the 24 questions and their responses will help the town centre partnership to understand its customers and respond to the needs and aspirations of those that shop, work and spend leisure time in the town centre.

Overall, the report was extremely positive. Some 66 per cent of respondents think there is a good mix of places to eat and drink in Stevenage town centre, and 68 per cent felt that the events and entertainment organised by the Stevenage Town Centre Management Company is an important part of the shopping experience.

Fifty-seven per cent think the town centre has improved in the last five years, and this has been attributed in part to the new Barclays Bank, the larger and improved flagship Next store and the opening of the popular family shop Wilkinson’s.

Seventy-six per cent of respondents believe car parking is reasonably priced compared to other centres, although the desire for some free 15-30 minute parking places was highlighted.

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Eighty-six per cent feel safe and secure when visiting the town centre and a number of positive comments were made about the visible police presence and the reassurance that patrolling PCSOs and security provides shoppers.

“The Stevenage Town Centre Management Company took over the administration of the shoplink radio scheme in April last year,” said town centre manager Tracey Parry “and we are working closely with the police and town centre security to reduce crime and the fear of crime.”

For further information about the work of the Stevenage Town Centre Management Company, or to request a full copy of the survey, contact Tracey Parry on 01438 740884.