Main Sponsor: Garden Square Shopping Centre

Main Sponsor and Sponsor of the Charity Champions Award

The Comet Community Awards came to our attention in 2008 when we were able to see what really unselfish, dedicated and deserving people there are in our community.

Having discussed this with the owners of the shopping centre “Tyburn Vale Letchworth LP” they were very keen to get involved with this most worthwhile award scheme.

The Garden Square Shopping Centre in the heart of Letchworth and indeed Letchworth Garden City’s prominent shopping area is a focal point for the community. We take our social and community responsibilities very seriously indeed and it is therefore with an immense amount of pride that I can state that Garden Square Shopping Centre in Letchworth Garden City is the Pride of Comet Country Community Awards “Main Sponsor 2012”

I look forward this year to be part of the judging panel and reading the stories about what is being achieved through people giving their time, skills and dedication to just causes with no thought of reward, and it is to all of these people whether shortlisted for an award or not, that I give my heartfelt thanks to every single one of you.

I look forward to the awards in May and I am sure you will join me in being inspired by these stalwarts of our society.

Thank you.

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Colin Bell

Centre Manager