London Marathon 2015: From the dark and into the light

Nick is running the London Marathon 2015 for St John Ambulance.

Nick is running the London Marathon 2015 for St John Ambulance. - Credit: Archant

I’ve often pondered about whether the London Marathon is scheduled at the worst time of the year.

You spend the best part of six months training for it, and the large majority takes place in the cold and dark. Then, in my experience at least, you get a hot spring day and fail to finish...

Yet it’s not all doom and gloom – the past month or so I’ve been taking in the varied Christmas lights displays, with mixed results.

There’s the all singing and occasionally dancing reindeers, giant snowmen and smiling Santas, the blue flashing light routine and, well those that don’t bother.

But whatever’s lied around the corner it has occupied my thoughts as I make my way from road to road on many an evening.

That will all change this week when the lights go out on another Christmas – obviously I will make a note of any stragglers – and it will be back to just me and my thoughts.

The 16-week training plan starts today, and my new focus will be on Sunday. April 26. That’s the light at the end of a mostly dark tunnel, and I can’t wait to reach it.

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