London Marathon 2015: A week that sums it all up

Nick, pictured after an 18-mile run around Grafham Water, is running the London Marathon for St John

Nick, pictured after an 18-mile run around Grafham Water, is running the London Marathon for St John Ambulance. - Credit: Archant

If ever a week summed up what it means to be in training for a marathon, this was it.

This is how it went...

Monday: Planned to go for a run but got home late. Football was on and I needed to iron some work shirts so stayed in the warm. Felt bad.

Tuesday: Went round the office with my fundraising form and got more than £200 in pledges/donations for St John Ambulance. Home late again but knew I had to go for a run (see Monday). Sprinted around the block for a few miles and had dinner at about 9.30pm – only myself to blame.

Wednesday: Busy press day and ready to let off some steam so headed out intent on racking up a fair few miles. Ended up being my longest midweek run to date, just under seven miles. Felt good, and wearing a T-shirt on an evening run was a real novelty.

Thursday: Went to physio after work to deal with my dodgy knee. A very painful half an hour spent realising how tight my muscles are (again) but was told that I may only need one more visit until the marathon so went away happy. More stretching and exercises at home.

Friday: A nice restful evening in, although decided to do without a beer or a glass of wine with the carb-loading dream that is spaghetti bolognese. Got my kit ready for an early start the following morning and did some stretches.

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Saturday: Up at 7am to have breakfast and finish packing all the essentials (Lucozade, jelly babies are top of the list) before setting off for Grafham Water in Cambridgeshire with my brother-in-law Chris at 7.45am. Hit the ‘start’ button on my GPS watch an hour later before completing two very scenic laps totalling 18 miles in two hours and 47 minutes. Good company, good time, and good to know the last three miles were the quickest. Iced my knee, got home, had a long bath, big fry-up, and signed up for a 20-mile race the following weekend before going to see some friends in the evening (they were impressed). Drank beer, chilled, and ate lots.

Sunday: Gave the knee a little stretch on waking up. Felt smug. Ate good food with family. Felt more smug. Decided to write my marathon blog, remembering to use the word ‘smug’ at least four times. Smug. It’s been a good week.