Leave William Hague alone

SOMETIMES I loathe the national press.

It is a display of flagrant disregard for other human beings which invariably gets my back up.

National press journalists will unnecessarily trample over the lives and the feelings of people in a bid to get a story – often the subject of which is frankly nobody’s business.

Take William Hague, for instance.

He has been pilloried by the media over rumours that he may be gay.

Whether he is homosexual or not does not affect his ability to carry out his job as the Government’s Foreign Secretary, so why does the general public need to know whether or not he is gay?

The media coverage is causing unnecessary stress for Mr Hague and his wife Ffion, a couple who have suffered multiple miscarriages and are still grieving the loss of a pregnancy this summer.

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The reason for the rumours and the media storm is because it has transpired that Mr Hague and his special adviser, Christopher Myers, had occasionally shared hotel rooms during the election.

So what? Surely the electorate should be pleased the Tories are cutting back on expenses!

For Mr Myers to feel such pressure over the issue as to resign from his position is unforgivable.

Mr Hague may have made an error of judgment in sharing a room with his adviser, but neither he nor his adviser should be vilified for it.

Let Mr Hague’s wife worry about the rumours concerning his sexual orientation, and let the general public worry about his ability to do his job properly.