For the bins - your comments

I would like to give my support to the supply of wheelie bins instead of bin bags. I think the council are only looking at the short-term financial implications. The wheelie bins last longer and are much more hygienic. The many other council s who use the

I would like to give my support to the supply of wheelie bins instead of bin bags.

I think the council are only looking at the short-term financial implications. The wheelie bins last longer and are much more hygienic. The many other council's who use the wheelie systems cannot all be wrong.


* Continuing the debate - wheelie bins versus bags, I can understand the initial outlay for the bins would be substantial, however one of the other main reasons the council cites for not implementing wheelie bins is the additional staffing costs.

In our street, every week after the bin men have collected, another team of men follow them round picking up all the waste that has been scattered around by cats ripping the bags open. Surely if bins were introduced this second team could be redeployed on the vans.

Furthermore, following on the argument about residents blocking footpaths with bags, when I left refuse just inside my boundary it was not collected. I do not have a grass verge at the front of my property, therefore have no other option, if I want my rubbish collected, other than obstructing the footpath.

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BEVERLY HANSHAW, Fortuna Close, Stevenage

* We moved to Stevenage 19 years ago and cannot believe that during this period of time we still use bin bags.

The government frequently debates whether to levy a charge on plastic bags used in shops and supermarkets due to its adverse environmental effect. But still our council cannot accept that the start-up costs amortised over the proven life of the bins must show cost savings similar to those achieved by Mid Beds Council as identified in your article.

I wonder if there is also a health and safety cost saving also as the refuse operatives would not be lifting and throwing heavy bags thus reducing the considerable wear and tear on their backs and spines.

ALWYN and PAM EVANS, Chertsey Rise, Stevenage

* No more bin bags please, nowhere to put any more boxes and bins. Untidy people will be the same whatever they use. The dustman does a good job.

F PHILLIPS, Green Close

* In 2005 Stevenage Borough Council supplied each household with a brown wheelie bin to put garden rubbish in. I applaud this scheme. However, as a concerned environmentalist, I am appalled at the attitude of the council with regard to the issue of refuse.

They are quite happy to supply refuse plastic bags so that we can at least treble wrap our waste so that it can be put in a landfill. However while the waste material contained in the bags may rot reasonably quickly the bags take an altogether more extreme time to disintegrate. The wheelie bin will at least remove one of the plastic elements making it a tiny bit more environmently friendly.

I expect the Borough Council will next object to the scheme saying that they will have to replace all the refuse vehicles with new ones to include the equipment attached to facilitate the collection. The existing fleet are capable of emptying any type of refuse container, therefore this argument will fall flat.

As an aside when Bedford Borough Council opted for wheelie bins they found that they could reduce each crew by one member. This in itself is a massive saving to the taxpayer.

The wheelie bin is a much safer option on health grounds, for example no cats/dogs or vermin ripping bags open while awaiting collection. All in all I am very much in favour and so should every local citizen be


* Re your article in this week's edition of The Comet, the sooner we have wheelie bins the better.

They are much more convenient, hygienic and better for the environment than sending thousands of black bin bags to landfill. In the long run they must pay for themselves as so many other councils use them. The recycling in Stevenage could also be greatly improved with the provision of a green wheelie bin for much more to be collected and processed centrally similar to the system in place in nearby Luton - also a Borough Council - and with lower council tax!


* I am writing with reference to Bins or Bags article in last week's Comet.

I have already contacted the council regarding the same issue, I received a very negative reply from the head of the Environment Department.

I have also contacted Sue Myson, but there does not seem much she can do about it after all. My husband and I have been asking about wheelie bins for two years.

I hope you have more success than I did.

MRS J BOTTAZZI, Blenheim Way, Stevenage