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I shall be very sorry if Lister Hospital has to close its A&E and some other departments. I have been an in-patient quite a few times over the past eight years and the thought of travelling a few extra miles is not a happy one. I would add that I have bee

I shall be very sorry if Lister Hospital has to close its A&E and some other departments. I have been an in-patient quite a few times over the past eight years and the thought of travelling a few extra miles is not a happy one.

I would add that I have been very well treated both while in the hospital and as an out-patient.

Good luck with your campaign.

EM Atkin, Longfields, Stevenage

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* The reason that Lister Hospital must be 'the chosen one' is it's so accessible for the motorway and surrounding villages close by.

I had my hip and knee ops at QEII WGC, Princes Ward, a few years back mind you, the attention I got was first class. I couldn't fault it. But I didn't get many visitors as they hadn't any transport of their own and a taxi was £20-£30 then. My son came every evening as he worked in Borehamwood at the time, otherwise I wouldn't have seen anyone.

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I had to take a week's supply of clothing too. Now we can use the Lister Shuttle Service for our out-patients which is a bit cheaper than taxis. It still costs me £11+ to drive in old town as I can't manage buses on the hill I live on. Everything is at Lister that anyone may need. I've had many operations at Lister, it's so near to home and family and less stress and worry.

Pamela D Baltruschat, Address supplied

* In support of your campaign, I would like to comment that in personally using Lister as an in-patient and out-patient, the service and care has always been exemplary.

Also the food is good, often too much for sick people. I would add that this applies to the rest of my family, in particular the A&E department which way back from the early 70s treated our children on a number of occasions, and on a personal note my own visits have always been happy and we've all been well treated. This covers a variety of mishaps/accidents dating from 1974 until the present.

S COUSENS, Address supplied

* I worked voluntarily at the Lister for nine-and-a-half years and treatment was the best. Twice I have been a patient in the QEII - first time I was given a bed up close to a cupboard which was built to cover old pipes. The smell that came from this cupboard was revolting - mouldy, dirty. Second time the helpers and nurses couldn't care less - on the borderline of being rude. Moreover, when one is unwell the journey to QEII from Letchworth is not to be recommended. We must keep Lister Hospital.

ELSIE Davies, Robert Saunders Court, Letchworth GC

* In July 2006 my husband had a heart attack. It was a hot Sunday midday, the ambulance was quick, A&E were on alert and as I booked him in at the desk, next door the Lister staff went into action and proceeded to save my husband's life.

The care and expertise were excellent. As I went home later that evening, not knowing if he would live through the night, I did know he was in the best place and at least because he had been taken so quickly to Lister his chances of making a good recovery had been increased.

Over the next few days his care was exceptional. For a man who had never been ill and hated hospitals, he was surprised and pleased with the care and attention he received. Even the most-complained about aspect of any hospital stay, the food, was to his liking. If he had had to travel to Welwyn maybe I would be sitting here a widow, it was that important. Please save Lister A&E and its attached services, it saves lives for which I am very thankful.

Karen Fahy, Tye End, Stevenage

* I am a retired ward sister who worked at the Lister Hospital for 20 years. During this period we were regularly drilled to prepare if a major incident occurred and my ward was designated as the receiving area for the bulk of the injured. Siting of the Lister was chosen because of the proximity of the airport, the motorway, and the main rail line. Therefore any planned closure seems to me to be totally insane.

The QEII is too far away from any of these places for any casualties to receive the vital attention they may need.

Eileen Ingarful, Weston Road, Stevenage

* Following an overnight visit to the QEII from Hitchin, a 30-mile round trip, the problems of elderly wives who are inexperienced drivers having to drive this journey was a possibility.

In an emergency it would be frightening having such distances and complex motorway systems between patients and their emergency requirements.

Local sorting facilities are needed with ambulance services located as outstations of any larger area emergency facility.

John Franks, Meadowbank, Hitchin

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