Big Student Takeover Intern winners first week at Archant

The Big Student Takeover winners, Wayne Johnson and Melissa Agard share their views on starting work at Archant.

The North Hertfordshire College Big Student Takeover winners Wayne Johnson and Melissa Agard both started their internships at Archant last week. At the end of their first week, they wrote up a short statement on how their first week has been at Archant.

Wayne Johnson- I’ve enjoyed the first week at Archant and have already learned new things about social media that I previously didn’t know about before.

I had the chance to take a look at their digital stats to see how many visitors and unique visitors are visiting their websites and Facebook Pages monthly or yearly. This gave me a better understanding of how people can monitor their digital media and seeing how their brand is expanding. It has been a great week and looking forward to the upcoming weeks to come.

Melissa Agard- I learnt a lot this week, especially on the reporter and editor side of things. I had the chance to edit some articles and I was shown how to do them. I also took on another challenge; helping to promote one of our local charities, the Stevenage Community Trust. I had to promote them through setting up social accounts such as facebook also the update and promote the website by contacting local celebrities in and around Hertfordshire. There was a Golf Day for the charity and I had a chance to cover that story and was taught how to approach an interview.

All in all, my first week at the Comet newspaper was a real eye opener. I am really looking forward to seeing what else I am going to learn by the end of this internship.