North Hertfordshire Homes is working in partnership with the organisation Thriving Families to support families who are trying to cope in extremely demanding circumstances.

Families may be facing huge challenges such as domestic violence concerns, or have a child with complex health needs or in these hard financial times are stressed and unable to see a way forward.

North Hertfordshire Homes’ Thriving Families worker Michelle James will help them find a way by providing a mix of advice and practical help. That could mean helping parents deal with a child’s challenging behaviour, support adults in building workplace skills or giving advice to sort out benefit payments.

Michelle’s priority is to help families see that they can change their behaviour and improve their circumstances. Quite often the sheer number of agencies involved with a family and children can overwhelm them, and each agency will be concentrating on their own area of concern.

As the recognised ‘lead professional’ Michelle will work very closely with North Hertfordshire Homes, NHS consultants, GPs, teachers, Job Centre Plus and all others to join the dots and build a plan that will deliver the best outcome for the family as a whole.