Running in cold, icy conditions in some rather silly looking leggings – see my awful attempt at a ‘selfie’ below – doesn’t sound like much fun. But then you can’t underestimate the sense of smugness that goes with it.

The Comet: My rather unflattering running leggings.My rather unflattering running leggings. (Image: Archant)

I’m not a fitness freak. I don’t wake up in the morning itching to go to the gym or out for a jog.

I’m the kind that spends as much time as possible debating when would be an acceptable time to get up, and then waiting for the appropriate multiple of 10 on the clock.

So imagine my ‘alarm’ when I got out of bed on Boxing Day and decided that today, of all days, I would clock up a few miles.

Boy did I feel smug. And then on Sunday I ran six miles with a light dusting of snow on the ground, which meant added indulgence on the food and drink front that evening. It is Christmas, after all.

Of course, I signed up for this. On Monday my 16-week training plan starts and the ticking off of my three runs a week minimum begins.

But start as you mean to go on is as good a motto as any, and I’m heartened by my own motivation to get out and about over Christmas, especially when it is bitterly cold.

I may not be snug, but smug will do just nicely right now. Unless we’re talking about the leggings, that is.