We’re into serious season.

From here on in the miles just go up and up and I’m steadying myself for some serious challenges.

My weekend run was actually four miles less than last week’s – 12 instead of 16 – but was far harder.

It may have been the takeaway curry the night before or the strong wind in my face as I clawed my way up some hills, but I found it really tough going.

The jelly beans were out in force and sipping Lucozade helped me through.

Bizarrely my GPS watch bleeping to say low battery at the five mile mark got me to the 12 I set out to do.

As I began to really flag I thought I would carry on until my watch died.

Inevitably it did, but at 11.95 miles and with home around the corner. Almost two hours of hard graft got me there.

Sixteen miles is next, with 18 and two big 20 milers on the horizon. Think I’ll give that Friday night curry a miss for the foreseeable.

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