Brookers have opened a new garden and landscape area in their Bilton Road store in Hitchin, just in time for the warmer months .

The Comet: A paving area can be used to make a relaxing outdoor living space. Picture: BrookersA paving area can be used to make a relaxing outdoor living space. Picture: Brookers (Image: Archant)

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your garden in shape. From making sure your lawn is in peak condition to updating your garden furniture, there are plenty of ways to give your outdoor space a makeover.

In anticipation of homeowners spending more time outdoors in the coming months, Brookers have recently opened a new garden and landscaping showroom on Bilton Road. Here, their company director Douglas Brooker shares some advice on how to get your garden summer-ready.

A pristine lawn

While we all look forward to spending more time in the sun, the hotter weather can wreak havoc on grass, leaving it looking sparse and patchy. If you want your lawn to look its best come summer, it's important to start doing some maintenance now. Dust off the lawnmower and start giving the grass a regular trim, and you might also want to use fertilisers to give it an added lease of life.

If you want to create a more low maintenance garden, artificial grass is a good option. A synthetic lawn is also much more hardwearing and resistant to damage and has an attractive, uniformed appearance that is difficult to achieve with real grass. At Brookers, our artificial grass solutions cater to different needs, whether you want longer grass for a luscious look or a shorter version for activities such as football.

Get planting

To create impressive flower displays, you'll need to do some forward planning. Spring is a great time to buy seeds and summer-flowering bulbs so that your garden will be in full bloom in a few months time. Flowers such as begonias, dahlias and biennials can be planted now, as well as vegetables such as peas, beans, carrots, lettuce and potatoes.

Garden planters and troughs can be used to create eye-catching displays, or you can opt for railway sleepers to create beautiful beds of various shapes and sizes.

Brookers offer a range of plant and tree care products, including seeds, compost, fertilisers and manure - all of which can help your greenery flourish. The lead up to the summer is also a good time to remove weeds from the patio and flower beds, which can be done by hand or by using scraping and pulling tools.

Update your tools

Having a set of high quality tools can really help to make those essential garden jobs easier, whether it's creating neat flower beds or removing debris from the lawn. Chances are you'll have a few tools lying around in your garden shed, some of which can be cleaned and restored, while others might need replacing all together. Spades, rakes, forks and hoes are must-haves, and you might also want to invest in lawn edging tools or even a strimmer to keep your garden borders tidy.

Create an outdoor living space

Decking and paving stones are a great way to create a relaxing outdoor living space where you can socialise with friends and family.

If you're considering having garden decking or paving slabs installed, be sure to complete the look with some high quality garden furniture. At Brookers, you can choose from a range of metal, plastic and teak garden furniture depending on your personal tastes. A bistro set is key for summer BBQs and entertaining—not forgetting that all-important parasol or gazebo to provide shade from the sun, or protect you from an unexpected downpour.

Finishing touches

To give your garden added interest, consider adding some finishing touches. For example, laying bark or slate chippings to your beds or positioning a few ornaments or other garden accessories around the edges of your lawn can really bring the space together. Solar garden lights can also be useful for when your garden parties continue after the sun goes down, and they're environmentally friendly too.

Why choose Brookers?

As a family-run company, we pride ourselves on our range of high quality, reasonably-priced home and gardening products and our knowledgeable staff. We have three stores based in Hitchin and Stevenage, including a new area dedicated to landscaping in our Bilton Road branch complete with furniture, decking, paving and artificial grass solutions.

To find out more about Brookers, visit or head down to your local store to see their full range of products.