SIR - Mid Beds District Council s decision to withdraw the gipsy and travellers consultation is for one reason only. They do not want to admit to being wrong and defeated by overwhelming opposition; in particular from Stotfold. They assumed Stotfold resi

SIR - Mid Beds District Council's decision to withdraw the gipsy and travellers' consultation is for one reason only. They do not want to admit to being wrong and defeated by overwhelming opposition; in particular from Stotfold.

They assumed Stotfold residents would just roll over and as you quote "be able to rubber stamp a decision," to impose travellers' sites where MBDC chose; regardless of whether they are appropriate places or wanted by locals and gipsies alike. Well they were wrong!

Mid Beds have not asked gipsies for their views and Lenny Smith of Hatch is right; gipsies are entitled to a dignified and peaceful existence too. I have no opinion on the Hatch site but if, as Lenny Smith suggests, a gipsy family run site with a family manager is the way forward, why not try it? It sounds reasonable and possible to reduce crime and disorder around G&T sites this way. Sites must be in the right locations, not imposed where they are clearly wrong. Are you listening councillors?

Residents of Stotfold are appalled at this outcome; it is the second worse possible decision. With this being deferred it means that this debacle is hanging over us for months longer and people need to get on with their lives. It is a cop-out designed to save MBDC leader and executives faces, nothing more; nothing less. This simply passes the buck to the new unitary council which takes over in April.

Mid Beds, Stotfold in particular and gipsies have been let down tremendously over this issue.

Why drop all proposed sites because they got it wrong for Stotfold? There is only one logical explanation and it is not an increase in pitches from 22 to 27, which could have been dealt with by finding another site. It is clearly to save the face of MBDC.


Ivel Way


SIR - It was said that "The first casualty of war is truth." We can say the first casualty of political correctness was commonsense.

I refer to the subject of gipsy sites, and the proposals by local authorities to increase the number here in Comet country. Anyone who dares point out the reality of gipsy life is rounded on with that well tried and tested allegation of being a racist or an ignorant bigot!

From starting my working life as a farmhand and finding those poor misjudged peoples stealing our livestock, and ransacking our outbuildings for anything they could steal, then right up until the present with our daughter being threatened by travellers.

She was trying to stop stealing from her shop for the sixth time. My experience of gipsies along with the majority of other people is one utter despair over their contempt for our countryside and our laws.

The bleeding heart apologists who come out and campaign for the travellers to have permanent sites appear to miss the obvious, they claim they like this roving life (the clue is in their name) and do not want to be tied down like the rest of us drones.

Travellers have only themselves to blame for the public not wanting them in their backyard.

I demand fewer traveller sites allowing only short stopovers, where the travelling community is made to deposit a substantial amount of money that is returned when they leave our county in good order.


English Democrats Party