HERE I am, once more sitting at the keyboard on my office desk tapping in the pearls of wisdom which make up Perspective.

It’s not the only thing I do at this spot, of course. Among the many activities which keep me sat here in front of the computer monitor is wading through emails looking for prospective Perspective material.

One such missive arrived recently. This declared that workers spend as much time in office chairs as in bed.

According to a new survey, 45 per cent of those polled said they spend six hours or more plonked in a sedentary position where they work.

There’s no suggestion that they are sitting down on the job while they are sitting down on the job.

The survey was commissioned by an office supplies company which declared that the results have been a wake-up call showing the amount of time we spend in “inadequate” office chairs. I feel a sales pitch coming on here.

The company points out that while we invest a lot of money in buying a good bed, only a fraction of us would ever dream of devoting money, time and effort into making sure we have an adequate chair to sit in all day.

Sixty-five per cent of those questioned revealed that they had no say in choosing their office chair, implying that dissatisfaction with what they end up with is high.

It was therefore no big surprise to discover that many office workers secretly swap the chair they are given with a better one. I think I’ll go for a recliner if I can find one.

Sticking with the sitting down theme, another survey just out declares that it is sofa so good for couch potato Brits.

We may be enjoying sunny weather right now, but it is not enough to entice us outdoors. It seems that the average family in the East of England spend up to 35 hours a week on their settee, even during the summer.

That equates to 10 weeks a year or around 15 years in a lifetime. So I would suggest that a recliner is a must.

The good folk at the National Trust are determined to change our ways. They have just launched a compromise to entice Brits outside. They have come up with open air “living” rooms which are made entirely out of natural materials – grass and turf – offering families the chance to experience the countryside and picturesque gardens from the comfort of a green outdoor sofa. However, there’s no environmentally-friendly TV.

I’m all for sitting down at every opportunity, but I failed to take up the chance during a short break in Malta last week.

We stayed at a hotel which offered spa treatments and, being curious, we ventured down to the basement to see what was on offer.

There in the foyer was a cocktail bar-style chair. Sat on it was a man who had his bare feet plonked in a tank full of fish.

I presume they were busy getting rid of bacteria for him but I did not bother asking before beating a hasty retreat to the comfort of my balcony recliner.