Sponsors of Carer of the Year Award

As the UK’s leading cash and internet payments company, PayPoint is delighted to sponsor the Carer of the Year category of the 2012 Comet Community Awards. It congratulates the nominees and award winners in all the categories.

PayPoint provides an essential service to millions of people to ensure they have easy and convenient access to facilities to help them manage vital aspects of their domestic lives. At the same time, it helps to sustain many thousands of independent neighbourhood shops that are central to their communities.

The PayPoint retail network of more than 23,500 local shops (including Co-ops, symbol groups and thousands of independents) throughout the UK enables greater financial inclusion by providing a facility for people who need or prefer to manage their finances in cash to make essential household payments at their local neighbourhood stores. The breadth of payments payable through PayPoint is constantly expanding and includes gas and electricity meter prepayments, gas, electricity, water, telephone and cable bills, mobile phone top-ups, pre-pay ‘credit’ cards, transport tickets, BBC TV licences, council tax, council and social housing rents, savings and many other consumer services. In addition, consumers can send money abroad via Western Union, pay in cash for purchases made online, send and receive parcels at selected PayPoint retailers offering its Collect+ service, and, in an increasing number of towns and cities, pay for parking by mobile phone or at PayPoint retailers.

PayPoint handles more than �11 billion from over 600 million transactions annually for more than 6,000 clients and merchants.

PayPoint also enables its customers to receive payments such as cash rebates from energy companies, mobile phone reclamation companies purchasing old phones and online banking. Later this year, the many thousands of people receiving benefits and pensions over the counter will be able to access their funds at PayPoint.