SIR – I am writing in reply to Mick Bee s letter in last week s Comet regarding the upcoming Letchworth poll. I was at the parish meeting and would like to point out that Cllr Bee has misquoted Mr Jury. When Mr Jury stated This is not about politics, no

SIR - I am writing in reply to Mick Bee's letter in last week's Comet regarding the upcoming Letchworth poll.

I was at the parish meeting and would like to point out that Cllr Bee has misquoted Mr Jury. When Mr Jury stated ''This is not about politics, not about money, not about behaviour, not about a chain of office for the mayor'', he was referring to the parish meeting - the meeting being wholly about whether there should be a poll. Everything Cllr Bee has quoted is exactly what the poll is about. During the meeting Cllr Bee actually got Mr Jury to clarify this - is this just another example of one of the town councillors not listening to a parishioner.

On the point of when the town is able to vote for a new set of councillors being 'not that far off', unfortunately May 2009 is not close enough to prevent the current regime begin able to demand another massive percentage increase in council tax next year - imagine another 206% increase taking band D to over £150.

I do find it rather ironic that Cllr Bee is so vocal on the election process and democracy, you would think that a co-opted councillor would keep a lower profile, when the electorate has voted for his rise to power.


Letchworth Garden City Resident

SIR - Mick Bee might be uncertain about the purpose of the poll on April 21. I have no doubts about the need for it. Nigel Jury is to be thanked for organising it.

I have just received my NHDC rates bill and am asked to pay £71.17 to support the activities of the council, an almost £50 increase over last year. I did not vote for the council nor the councillors representing the ward I live in. We do not need a third tier of local government. It is a recipe for waste, spending someone else's money on activities you have no responsibility for. If it is to continue let those who support and voted for the council pay for it. I believe the sooner the town council is abolished the better. I shall be voting on April 21.


Brandle Road

Letchworth Garden City

SIR - I fear Mick Bee (letter March 27) has forgotten his school debating techniques, but then he has also forgotten to note that he is a parish councillor in his criticism of my speech proposing dissolution of the council at the parish meeting on March 12

By listing every aspect offending taxpayers, from unprofessional conduct of councillors to surreal purchase of a 'Coat of Arms' while declaiming none was the subject of my personal complaint, I ensured everyone present got the message but avoided the futile squabbling these matters invoke, leaving my position stark and purely logical. Adding another body to those already controlling our lives is unnecessary, adding complexity and paper to the already oversized pile for jobsworth to shuffle.

It follows therefore that the parish/town council can never justify its appalling cost and should be dissolved. A great majority of the two hundred people taking part in the debate seemed perfectly in agreement with my motion. Is that clear enough for you now, Cllr Bee?


By email