Porsche and Renault crash in Stevenage

PUBLISHED: 09:46 01 November 2018

Police have been called to a crash between a a Porsche and a Renault in Stevenage this morning

Police have been called to a crash between a a Porsche and a Renault in Stevenage this morning


Police and the fire service have been called to a crash on a major Stevenage road this morning.

Police were called at about 8.20am to Gunnels Wood Road after reports of a collision involving a Porsche Cayenne and a silver Renault Megane near the roundabout with Martins Way and the A602.

A police spokeswoman told the Comet: “The Porsche was leaking fuel so the fire service were called. We’re still at the scene and waiting for the Porsche to be recovered. No-one was injured.”


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